$19 one-way fares don’t always equate to a bad flight

Avelo 737–800 Parked at Santa Rosa Airport

Recently my family made the decision that we wanted to pick two days this summer to fly a round trip flight on Avelo Airlines and experience what their $19 fares are all about. It’s worth noting that when it comes to Avelo if you are flying them or looking to fly them, you will have to either fly into or out of Burbank Airport as all flights start or originate there. …

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14 Years After Construction and Yet Still No Vehicles Transverse the Corridor

In 2007 the city of San Francisco began a major project to connect Chinatown to the CalTrain 4th & King station through a subway. Fourteen years later in 2021, the city is 4years behind on the project and more than a billion dollars over what its original expected cost was. This may seem like an absurd amount of money, which it is, but many city residents are excited about the prospects of the extension. After all, Chinatown is one of the most under-served transit communities, and the existing light rail network makes it really difficult to go from the south…

With the Rise of Public Transit and Car-Free Streets, Why Do People Need to Drive to the Central Business District?

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San Francisco has an interesting relationship with cars. For decades many people and politicians wanted to have freeways all over the city — case in point Interstate 480. I-480, popularly known as “The Blight by the Bay”, existed in many stages for many years, before the Loma Prieta Earthquake destroyed any hope of a fully completed Embarcadero Freeway in 1989. Why, you ask, was the freeway and the interchange with I-280 never built? Well, thanks to massive protests from residents over an obviously terrible infrastructure decision, construction was halted and the freeway will not be built unless there is a…

Conglomeration of Jobs into the City Center is Creating Harsh Transit and Spatial Realities for the City

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San Francisco — the city with the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, and Fisherman’s Wharf — what isn’t there to like? Actually quite a lot. San Francisco is an extraordinarily interesting city from a planning perspective. In many ways planners have gotten things right—a sprawling bus system and no interstate cutting through the city. At the same time, the geography of the Bay Area — urban and suburban areas surrounding water—and the mass density of the city of San Francisco have complicated things significantly. Ever wanted to drive from San Francisco Airport to Marin County? …

The Premise Might Be Outdated, But the Benefits Aren’t

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Don’t get me wrong, there are many things that are problematic when it comes to a monarchy. As someone who is committed to fairness and equality, spending millions of dollars each year so that one family can live lavishly is not something that appeases my eye. Moreover, monarchies are often a symbol of absolute power and create flashbacks to the days of imperialism; some elements of a monarchial society still bleed imperialism and colonization (ie. the Dutch monarchy’s Golden Carriage). …

We may never get to this point, but if we could…

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I am currently a high schooler interested in politics. I am not a politics expert, so interpret what I say how you will. Also, if you have no interest in the context or background behind my ideas, you can skip to the “Executive Council” section at the bottom of this article for a summary of my proposal.

Since the inception of the American Constitution in 1789, the US Government has consisted of three branches—the executive branch (president and the cabinet), the legislative branch (the House of Representatives and the Senate), and the judicial branch (the Supreme Court). Each branch is…

As Long Commutes Become More Common, So Does Unhappiness

Photo from Colorado.com

For many years, many Boulder residents have traveled down Highway 36 when commuting to Denver and many, ~46,000, in the opposite direction. Boulder’s up-and-coming economy is attracting many from Denver and the surrounding areas and many major companies bring commuters into Denver. In many ways, this specific commute may have similar numbers traveling in both directions, similar to the San Jose — San Francisco commute.

Boulder is also home to a beautiful downtown, a major university, and hundreds of hiking trails. The city is a great place to spend the day and many people drive to Boulder just for the…

How Senegal’s New Express Train Could Help Transform the Region

Photo from African Shapers

In December of 2017, all commercial airline flights flying into Dakar, Senegal, moved to the all new Blaise Diagne International Airport. The new airport represented a huge upgrade from the old Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport and offered much more space for passengers and additional capacity for airlines. Interestingly, as a part of the Emerging Senegal Plan spearheaded by president Macky Sall, along with the new airport came an investment into one of the first high-frequency, modern trains not only in the country of Senegal, but in the whole of West Africa.

The self-governing Danish territory appears too good to be true

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In April of 2018 I went to the Svalbard archipelago north of Norway. Since then, remote islands have become a small obsession of mine. The nature is more dramatic and untouched. The people are genuine and the languages are quite different from what is standard. The Faroe Islands check all of those boxes.

It could be the weather. It could be the small quaint towns scattered throughout the islands. It could be the raw nature in plain view wherever you look. It could be the minuscule amount of crowds due to its remote location. …

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For more than half a century, train travel in America has been a nightmare: low frequency service, trains that are several hours delayed, and a limited route network are just some of the issues you might expect on an Amtrak train. Despite these issues, though, Amtrak’s ridership hit record levels in 2019 and was on a continued path to breaking even before the coronavirus pandemic hit. What can explain this?This article seeks to provide more information on Amtrak trains and why you should consider using Amtrak more often.

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