$19 one-way fares don’t always equate to a bad flight

Avelo 737–800 Parked at Santa Rosa Airport

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14 Years After Construction and Yet Still No Vehicles Transverse the Corridor

In 2007 the city of San Francisco began a major project to connect Chinatown to the CalTrain 4th & King station through a subway. Fourteen years later in 2021, the city is 4years behind on the project and more than a billion dollars over what its original expected cost was. This may seem like an absurd amount of money, which it is, but many city residents are excited about the prospects of the extension. After all, Chinatown is one of the most under-served transit communities, and the existing light rail network makes it really difficult to go from the south…

With the Rise of Public Transit and Car-Free Streets, Why Do People Need to Drive to the Central Business District?

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Conglomeration of Jobs into the City Center is Creating Harsh Transit and Spatial Realities for the City

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The Premise Might Be Outdated, But the Benefits Aren’t

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We may never get to this point, but if we could…

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As Long Commutes Become More Common, So Does Unhappiness

Photo from Colorado.com

How Senegal’s New Express Train Could Help Transform the Region

Photo from African Shapers

The self-governing Danish territory appears too good to be true

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

Jack Turner

Rising HS senior; I have interests in transit, sports, aviation, politics, progressivism, and everything in between.

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